Red Velvet Whoopie Pie


I am SO excited for this week!! Want to know why? Well, even if you don’t I’m going to tell you anyways. No, it’s not because it’s Valentines Day on Saturday. I think that it’s a Hallmark created holiday in which some people use as the only time to express love and gratitude for one another. But that’s another story. It’s because when you go grocery shopping, you see strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, chocolate, all sorts of items that I usually buy for baking, on sale!! Ok fine maybe the sale has something to do with the fact that Valentines day is on Saturday, but let’s just ignore that.

Because Valentines day is happening whether I like it or not, I have lined up some of my favorite recipes for this week. Every now and then I remember that I am a student, so we’ll just see how many recipes I am able to get to. I’ll also be making these recipes as how-to, step-by-step tutorials with photos and details so if you wanted to make them in your own kitchen, you would be able to follow along!


Starting off the week are my all time crowd favorite, red velvet whoopie pies. These are perfect to make and share with your friends or family. I remember in high school I made these almost every other week and brought them to school to share with friends. And every time, they disappeared almost as quickly as I brought them out. Over the years I have forgotten where this recipe is from but have developed some tricks to ensure that each and every batch comes out exceptionally fluffy and full of flavor. For this batch, I cut the recipe in half because, well, the more I make, the more I eat. That being said, the quantities shown is less than what you would have.

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Red Velvet Ombre Rose Cake

Photo Aug 16, 6 42 49 PM

Better late than never! I made this cake a couple weeks ago for my friends bridal shower! I just never had the chance to really go through my photos until now!

The bridal shower was a Hello Kitty theme because the bride loves hello kitty! And so I had an idea to make her a pink velvet cake, and also wanted to try the ombre technique because I had never done it before and wanted to try it! Well, the cake turned out to be red. While the batter that I made was a nice deep-ish pink, it baked out to be red. Wah. Oh well, I tried! I decided to use the recipe from the infamous Magnolia bakery because so many people on so many different blogs I was researching on kept referring back to this recipe. So I figured, why not, might as well!

Photo Aug 17, 7 51 34 PM

I baked the cake a day in advance to ensure that the cake is able to completely cool down to room temperature, otherwise if you ice a warm cake, the icing will melt and create a big droopy mess. No good. So after it baked, I set it out to cool to room temperature in the pan before I took it out, wrapped it in serene wrap and put it in the refrigerator.

The next day, I made the cream cheese frosting and the buttercream to ice the cake with. Now, if this was any other cake, like a vanilla or a chocolate, I would have just used buttercream all the way. But for a red velvet cake, you HAVE to use cream cheese frosting. It’s just a rule. Yet, I knew that the cream cheese frosting wasn’t going to have the consistency that I would have wanted it to have to pipe the roses. The food coloring would change the consistency, it would be too sweet, then too runny, etc. So to simplify it, I made the filling and the crumb coat using my go-to cream cheese frosting, and the roses using buttercream.

Photo Aug 17, 7 50 08 PM

Both turned out beautifully, and the food coloring in the buttercream created the ombre beautifully. It was a bit of a hassle having to do three separate colors but the end results were completely worth it. I finished it off with some small decorative pearls, stepped back to look, and was very happy with the results.

Photo Aug 17, 7 48 27 PM

After the cake was cut and tasted at the bridal shower, I could see why all the blogs referred back to Magnolias Red Velvet recipe. It is moist and has just enough cocoa powder in it so you can taste it, but is still subtle enough where it doesn’t overpower the entire cake. The cream cheese frosting was just enough for all four layers of cake because I had spread it as thin as possible. And, the buttercream roses were a showstopper and held up throughout the entire bridal shower. I must say, beautiful cake, beautiful shower, and a beautiful bride to be! Praying for you that Christ may use your marriage to be a blessing to everyone you guys encounter! <3

Magnolias Red Velvet Cake:

Cream Cheese Frosting:


How to make the rose swirl:

Photo Aug 16, 6 44 42 PM